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A note from the new United Dems President

Fellow United Dems member,

Good morning and happy new year!

First and foremost, I want to thank the members of the United Democratic Club for putting their faith in me to lead our club in 2018. I also want to thank our outgoing President, Justin Jones, for all that he has done for me and the club over the last two years. The United Democratic Club was started because we had a crazy idea that Democrats in San Francisco should be united in helping people instead of playing politics. I am honored to follow Justin as the next President of the Club and I believe the Club is poised for another incredible year of success. I thank him for his continued wisdom, leadership, and friendship.

Looking ahead, our City, state, and country face many challenges in the new year. Locally, housing affordability and displacement, homelessness, quality of life and equality amongst all San Franciscans are a concern for many. More broadly, threats to the environment, the US’s place on the global stage as well as basic human decency are presently under siege because of insecurities at 1600 Penn Ave. These issues facing us are solvable if we come together as community. While Justin set a great example of how to lead this passionate group of people, I ask for your patience and trust as I learn how to best lead our team. I promise to work to unite all shades of Democratic blue, and all people with a relentless enthusiasm for governance. I believe a good government is one that watches out for all people, and that society is judged not by how it helps those on the highest peaks, but by how it helps those in the deepest valleys.

I’m also excited to announce the team elected by our members to lead the club in 2018. Izzy Malouf is the Vice President of Member Engagement. David Aldridge is the Vice President of Political Engagement. Derek Remski is the Vice President of Internal Operations. Audrey Murray is the Vice President of Communications. Julia Kwasniza is the Vice President of Events. Derek Lee is the Vice President of Finance. Each VP’s passion and experience will set up the United Dems for success in 2018 and I couldn’t be more thrilled about our talented team!

The heartbeat of the United Democratic Club will continue to beat with the energy and passion of our members and board. We will continue to push forward towards a better future for the next generation. We will continue to educate people on the issues and we will continue to do the work. I look forward to a great year and to working with you to advance Democratic values.

In Unity,

Corey Smith

President, United Democratic Club


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