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The United Democratic Club is an inclusive and progressive group of Democrats who believe that everyone should have a place in San Francisco. Our goal is to empower people citywide to drive change by educating, organizing, and building a bench of democratic leaders in San Francisco by cultivating and nurturing grassroots activists.

We work towards this goal by partnering with other clubs, organizations, and elected officials; advocating for pragmatic solutions to our city's needs; and making our programs and events accessible and open to all San Franciscans.

Board Members

Bobak Esfandiari, President

Bobak Esfandiari


Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Bobak currently lives in the Richmond District. He is a former Deputy Regional Field Director for President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign, as well as an alumnus of Santa Clara University. When not helping out with the Club's activities Bobak volunteers his time picking up trash with Refuse Refuse SF and advocating for more housing with YIMBY Action.

About Bobak

Malia New Headshot.jpg

Lia Aiavao

Vice President, Communications

As a third-generation San Franciscan, Lia strives to do everything possible to improve life for our local communities, particularly for marginalized people and future leaders of tomorrow. Lia loves to travel often, but more so enjoys spending time with her family right here in the City.

Lia Aiavao
VP, Communications

About Lia

Paulina Fayer
VP, Political Engagement

Paulina Fayer

Vice President, Political Engagement

Paulina is very invested in San Francisco, her adopted hometown of three decades. She has been a leader on prominent campaigns, worked as Director of Policy and Community Development, founded an organization focused on advancing mandated compassionate care for unhoused individuals, where her title is Executive Director, and serves on local boards.

About Paulina

UDC Headshot.jpg
Rucha Tatke
VP, Events

Rucha Tatke

Vice President, Events

Rucha emigrated from Singapore to study at UC Berkeley nearly 15 years ago and has been proud to call San Francisco home for the past decade. Her interest in local politics and civic engagement began with an internship at the San Francisco Public Defender. While criminal justice continues to anchor her interests, Rucha strives to be involved in her community with a goal of keeping San Francisco at the forefront of human-centered innovation and progress. 

About Rucha

Lanier Coles headshot.jpg
Lanier Coles
VP, Member Engagement

Lanier Coles

Vice President, Member Engagement

Lanier has lived in San Francisco for 20 years and she's passionate about politics. She's currently a delegate to the CA Democratic Party and a member of the Party's Business & Professional Caucus and Women's Caucus. As a mother of 3 children who were born in San Francisco, Lanier is especially invested in how our local leaders and policies will shape our city for future generations.

About Lanier

Lee_Chasel_BLUE 2.jpg
Chasel Lee
VP, Internal Operations

Chasel Lee

Vice President, Internal Operations

Born and raised in San Francisco, Chasel's first civic engagement experience was a City Hall internship during the depths of the Great Recession. As an attorney who grew up in San Francisco's southeastern neighborhoods, he understands the impacts that laws and politics have on disenfranchised communities. Chasel brings these experiences to his advocacy for better leaders, better policies, and a better city for all San Franciscans.

About Chasel

Derek Lee
VP, Finance

Derek Lee

Vice President, Finance

Derek is a fifth generation San Franciscan with a decade of experience working in San Francisco politics. He has a passion for local politics and working to make the City a better place. Derek works in the field of campaign treasury and compliance, and brings his professional skills to his role with the club.

About Derek

President's Committee


Immediate Past President

Kayleigh Lloyd

Internal Communications Director

Nelson Zhao

Policy and Procedures Director

Derek Remski

Special Projects Director

Mick Del Rosario

Special Projects Director

Louise Fischer

Special Projects Director

Lilly Rapson

Special Projects Director

Corey Smith



Compliance Director

Andrew Sinn

Fundraising Director

Dawn Dzurilla

Political Engagement

Director of Field Operations

Veronica Lempert

Political Engagement Communications Director

Gloria Li

Federal Affairs Director

Michael Lauer

State Political Director

Seema Srivastava

Director of Local Political Engagement

Marguerite Hutchinson

Liason to the Board of Supervisors

Lily Ho

Liaison to the Board of Education

Alex Wong

Deputy Field Director 

Kyle Politz



Public Relations Director

Chelsea Waite

Content Director

Cassandra Beutler

Creative Director

Tom Poston

Email Coordinator

Jake Price

Social Media Manager

Stephanie Warshaw Harms

Website Manager


Membership Engagement


​Social Chair Director

Gladys Soto

Director of Membership Renewals

Bev Talbott

​Director of Volunteer Events

Laurance Lee




Events Director

Events Deputy Director


Panels Director

Kenneth Russell

Political Education Director

Michael Santos

Venue Director

Abby Fay

Philanthropy Director

Internal Operations


Data Director

Dana Beuschel

Development Director

Seth Brenzel

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