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The United Democratic Club provides a forum for principled political discussion, intellectual collaboration, and political engagement based on the core democratic principles. Speech acts that are counter to these core democratic principles will not be tolerated. Each of our value statements has been formed on the platform of expanding human and civil rights for all.

Housing: We believe that there is a housing shortage. Housing needs to be built at all income levels all over San Francisco and around the Bay Area. We believe in increased funding for subsidized affordable housing as well as increased protections for renters. New housing should be coordinated with essential infrastructure like public transit, schools, parks, emergency services, social services, etc.

Civic Engagement: We believe it’s our duty as Americans to participate and improve our democracy. Our members, volunteers, and board members are civic-minded individuals, and pledge to be involved in various community programs and events.

Homelessness: We believe that San Francisco should address homelessness with navigation centers, supportive housing, and comprehensive social services. This includes providing care in the form of substance abuse treatment, mental health services, job training/placement, healthcare, and other services which will help to achieve the ultimate goal of ending homelessness. We support evidence-based solutions for the varying degrees of challenges that our homeless neighbors face.

Transportation: We believe in quality public transportation. We believe it is necessary to improve the infrastructure and operational standards of our public transportation system across our City.

Philanthropy/Charity: We believe in the importance of giving back to our community, especially to those less fortunate. We support methods of charitable contributions including financial, and grassroots volunteer efforts.

Environment: We believe global warming and sea level rise are a threat to current and future generations. We believe in investing in clean and renewable energies and are committed to helping to educate communities on how they can make their homes and places of business green as well as more efficient.

Healthcare: We believe healthcare is a basic human right and that the United States needs to work to establish an economically efficient single-payer healthcare system that requires basic insurance coverage for everyone.

Women’s Rights: We believe that women’s rights are human rights and all women should have exact same rights as everyone else and full equality under local, state, and federal laws. Women must be the ultimate decision makers on their own healthcare issues, and the choices they make. We support equal pay for equal work. We support environments, both public and private, free of sexual harassment. We encourage all women to become more involved in public policy, and to run for public office.

Immigration: We believe in establishing a clear path to citizenship for all immigrants. We believe in a comprehensive and thoughtful vetting process for all new refugees and immigrants. We believe everyone brought here as a minor should be granted a clear and concise path to citizenship as DACA intended.

Education: We believe education is a basic human right. We believe everyone should have access to free, quality public education through their undergraduate degree.

LGBTQ: We believe the LGBTQ community should have the exact same rights as everyone else and full equality under local, state, and federal civil rights laws. We believe there are no exceptions when it comes to fundamental rights. These rights are human rights and we make no distinction.

Criminal Justice: We believe racism exists within the justice system and should be eliminated. We believe in community based policing and support the continued communication to build trust between law enforcement and the community.

Code of Ethics and Anti-Trolling Policy: In tandem with our Code of Ethics and Values, we believe in building coalitions to establish consensus and positive progress. We do not think trolling or espousing hate speech is helpful. If someone does not want to engage in constructive discourse, we believe it’s best to respectfully disengage. Thus, we will use full discretion to limit feedback deemed offensive from our subscribers and members.


Workers’ Rights: We believe that anyone who is willing to work should be able to earn a living wage. We support equal pay for equal work.

Gun Reform: We support the constitutional right to bear arms but adamantly believe the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution requires contemporary changes to keep pace with technological advancements in weaponry and the epidemic of mass shootings in the United States. Responsible gun ownership requires comprehensive background checks, licensing, training, and a practical examination by certified agencies that will be able to establish a Federal database.

Campaign Finance: We believe that money has an inappropriate level of influence at the local, state, and federal levels.  We believe in transparency as it relates to campaign finances and any political advertising. We believe in exposing all potential conflicts of interest.  We strongly support the repeal of Citizens United.

Veterans Issues: We believe veterans are disproportionately impacted by the issues that affect regular citizens, such as housing, homelessness, mental health services, and other social problems. We further feel that it is our duty to help those who have served their country by welcoming them into our communities with open arms. This means offering the assistance they need to reintegrate back into society, and providing them with the tools they need to do that.

Public Health: We believe in evidence-based public health practices and policies, including, but not limited to, the effectiveness and safety of vaccines. We believe in compassionate care for all people. We believe in health equity and support measures addressing healthcare barriers based on social, demographic, or economic factors.


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